Professional Coaching for Teachers and School Counsellors

Dear Education Professional,

I am excited to introduce:

“Practical, ‘hands-on’ individual or small group professional coaching for teachers, welfare coordinators and school counsellors”

Delivered by experienced Educational and Developmental Psychologists, each professional coaching session is directly linked to key professional standards and tailored to your needs.

In each 50 minute session you will get:

  • Practical tips and strategies
  • Engaging, fun and interactive content
  • No boring presentations with hundreds of bullet points!
  • Relevant examples
  • Engaging discussion
  • Material based on current research and clinical practice
  • An action plan to immediately implement
  • Valuable PD points

These sessions are for individuals or small groups of 2-3 staff.

You will leave each session feeling empowered, motivated and informed!

What’s on offer?

Sessions are tailored to the specific challenges you are facing at your school however here are just a few examples of the types of issues we have covered:

For Teachers:

  • Understanding Cognitive and Academic Assessments
  • Practical Strategies for Engagement and Motivation in the Classroom
  • How to Overcome Working Memory Problems in the Classroom

For Counsellors:

  • Solution Focused Thinking: Having Conversations that Matter
  • Using Social Stories with Children (with a special focus on children with ASD)
  • Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Your School

If you would like to book a session please request an appointment.

We look forward to helping you meet your professional development objectives.


Deborah Jepsen, Principal Psychologist
School Psychology Services

PS: Available times are limited and it is essential to book in advance. Click here to get in touch.