Counselling for Tertiary Students and Young Adults

After high school you are often free to make many of your own decisions.

University and TAFE can be a time of growth and change. Sometimes you need some help with your study, exploring possible career choices or you need some motivation! It is an important time to set some goals and look at your priorities.

Do you:

  • Wish to reach your full potential?
  • Want to achieve real success?
  • Wish to learn ways to set and achieve goals?
  • Need some help with motivation?
  • Want to beat anxiety?
  • Need some help to achieve the best possible results?
  • Feel like you need someone to talk with?

An Educational Psychologist can help!

Why see a psychologist?

You may feel like you are not fully coping with the demands of everyday living.

For example:

  • Feeling sad, unhappy or lonely
  • Problems with family
  • Feeling anxious about things in general
  • Struggling to manage anger
  • Problems with time management
  • Feeling overloaded
  • Problems with friendships or relationships
  • Feeling “stressed out”
  • Coping with loss and grief
  • Problems with boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Feeling sick without good reasons
  • Crying without knowing why

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