Counselling for School Refusal

From time to time some children will not want to go to school.

Your child may complain of being ill or scared of school, or they may even pretend to go to school but then go elsewhere by themselves or with friends.

Reasons for school refusal

Common reasons may include:

  • Transition issues
  • Illness in family
  • Fear of school
  • Friendship issues
  • Isolation
  • Pushing boundaries
  • Bullying
  • Fear of tests
  • Fear of teachers
  • Specific phobia at school (e.g. having to share public toilets)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • An inability to cope with the demands of school

School refusal is often closely associated with some form of anxiety.

We work with parents, children and schools to uncover the underlying reasons for school refusal and work towards getting kids back to school, feeling safe and supported. 

Counselling with an Educational and Developmental Psychologist can help you and your child to better understand and manage school refusal.

We can assist by:

  • Writing school refusal management plans
  • Helping you to manage and defuse difficult situations
  • Helping your school to provide appropriate support
  • Providing individual counselling for your child

Counselling can help your child to:

  • Discover the underling reasons for school refusal
  • Manage their anxiety
  • Boost self confidence at school
  • Learn how to regulate emotions
  • Feel more in control of their thoughts and emotions

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