Child Counselling Overview

Counselling helps your child to discuss, explore and manage important emotional, social and educational issues, such as:

Your child will become more empowered so they can work towards achieving personal and educational goals and fulfilling their true potential.

When is child counselling useful?

Whenever a situation bothers your child enough that it interferes with their ability to:

  • Concentrate in class or at work
  • Do their schoolwork
  • Communicate with parents
  • Sleep
  • Interact socially
  • Or generally enjoy life.

Counselling is confidential

All counselling is confidential. Information will only be revealed to others with client consent. However, in those unusual circumstances where failure to disclose may result in clear risk to the client or to others, the counsellor may disclose minimal information necessary to avert risk.

Appointments Required

1. Initial brief consultation for you (30 mins)
The first step is to meet with an Educational Psychologist to discuss your needs and review your child’s history. We will recommend the most useful and helpful approach for your child’s particular needs, explain the counselling process in detail and answer all your questions.

This also gives you the opportunity to meet the psychologist who will be working with your child, visit our lovely office, and generally ensure you are comfortable with the entire process.

The initial session is usually forĀ parents only* so we can discuss all the issues openly and in full.

(*If your child is an older teenager who is keen to get involved in the process from the start that is no problem but please let us know as we will need to schedule a 50 minute initial session instead.)

2. Counselling sessions for your child (50 mins each)
The number of sessions required depends on your child’s specific issues and counselling goals but at least 4-6 sessions will be required for most issues.

Parents are usually invited back into each session for the final 5-10 minutes for a review of the progress made and any new goals or homework.

At your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make an informed decision before you commit to receiving any further services.

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