Career Counselling

Knowing what you want to do in life is tough. Most people will  change their career direction several times over their working life. However, getting good advice and knowing where to start will place you in a good position for the future.

Career counselling can assist with:

  • Subject selection
  • Selecting the right course
  • Understating the university and TAFE systems
  • Exploring possible course choices
  • Understating the strengths and limitations of each tertiary institution
  • Opening up new career opportunities – ones you have never thought of!
  • Helping you find direction in a maze of confusion

We can help by:

  • Mentoring you in your career choices
  • Assessing your likes and dislikes, interests and motivations
  • Researching possible career options
  • Assisting you to gain entry into educational institutions
  • Guiding you through the tertiary process

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