Counselling for Children and Teenagers with Anger Management Issues

Photo of angry boy using mobile phoneAnger can be a very destructive emotion if left unchecked.

Some degree of anger is a normal emotional reaction to being treated unfairly.

However, when a child is frequently losing control of their anger there can be serious consequences for the child and also for those around them.

The ability to effectively control negative emotions such as anger is essential to healthy functioning within society.

It is never too early for children to gain insight into their anger and learn effective strategies to manage and control their anger.

A certain amount of controlled anger can play a positive role in helping children stand up for their rights and fight against injustice, or in recognising the need to make changes.

Anger is only an emotion and does not need to lead to violence. It is OK to feel angry, but not OK to act out in anger.

In counselling, an experienced Educational Psychologist will teach children simple methods to gain greater control over their emotions.

Anger management counselling will help your child to:

  • Recognise how anger feels in their body
  • Learn about how thoughts control behaviour
  • Learn practical strategies to manage and control behaviour and thoughts
  • Understand triggers to anger
  • Learn practical strategies to control anger
  • Learn relaxation strategies
  • Learn ways to express anger without destructive consequences
  • Learn how to be assertive without being angry

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