VCE Study Skills Coaching

Individual VCE Study Skills Coaching with a qualified Educational Psychologist will help students to set and achieve specific study and exam goals.

Our approach is carefully tailored to each student, helping them to identify relevant goals and devise effective strategies to achieve each one.

Parents – would you like your son or daughter to:

  • Reach their full potential in VCE?
  • Achieve greater success in study and exams?
  • Learn how to effectively set goals?
  • Get help with motivation?
  • Learn how to minimise distractions?
  • Reduce study and exam anxiety?
  • Better understand their own learning style and optimal study methods?
  • Implement key strategies to achieve the best possible VCE results?

Our unique VCE Study Skills Coaching program is delivered over 6 sessions:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Getting Organised
  3. How to study
  4. Motivation for Study
  5. Creating Balance
  6. Exam Preparation

Throughout the program we also focus on dealing with anxeity.

All sessions are individually tailored to meet the needs of each student. The sessions are run by a qualified and experienced Educational Psychologist.

These sessions will help students to:

  • Learn new ways to set and achieve their goals
  • Lift motivation levels
  • Beat stress and anxiety
  • Understand their own learning styles and improve study habits
  • Reach their full potential in VCE

Email contact is provided to assist with maintaining motivation levels after the initial sessions have been completed.

Students receive an information folder full of motivational quotes, exam information and study tips. Throughout the program students complete a series of worksheets and activities that will assist them to develop study skills and set goals.

Optional on-going sessions are available after the 6 session program.

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