Educational Coaching for Primary and Secondary Students

Does your child need some help to get organised and stay motivated?

Each new term offers great potential… but it also brings many new distractions!

Educational Coaching helps students to:

  1. set some challenging but achievable goals;
  2. get organised with practical plans and schedules;
  3. prepare to deal with setbacks;
  4. periodically review progress and adjust plans as required

Why? Because kids who do these things tend to perform better, feel more in control and be less stressed.

The first session includes:

  • Setting goals
  • Getting organised
  • Minimising distractions
  • Relaxation and managing stress
  • Strategies to overcome setbacks

This is followed up with several review sessions throughout the year (I recommend at least one per term) to check progress, deal with any hiccups and stay on track.

Do you think Educational Coaching might be helpful for your child?

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