VCE Results 2012 – Coping with your ATAR Result

The results are out today and the anticipation and anxious wait is over! For some it will be celebration, others will feel relief and some perhaps even disappointment.

Below are a few tips for young people to help deal with their ATAR Score.

  1. Feel the emotions – label the emotions. It might be  joy, relief, sadness, disappointment or regret.
  2. Let it out – let the emotions out and don’t bottle them up. It is important to talk to someone, cry, or get outside and take a few moments to let it all out! If you live near the beach a good release is to take a handful of sand and walk into the water or up a pier and slowly let the sand fall out of your hand. Just let it go…
  3. Accept the reality. Acknowledge what has been done over the past several years and accept that it is now  in the past. It is done and it is time to move on. Accept the score (in 2 months no one will ask or even care what the score was!)
  4. Get some extra help if needed – If you are feeling a bit stuck – get some extra help or support. Go back and talk to teachers or your career counsellor at school. Talk to friends and relatives, or even a psychologist.
  5. Trust – Trust the process of life and implement Plan A, B, C or even D! Stand at the cross roads and take the path that your heart guides you to take.

Always follow your heart and chase your dreams – it’s your life and only you can live it!