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Top Ten Counselling Tools

Thank you very much to those who came along to another great meeting. We got to meet a few new faces this time- which was fabulous!

It was really nice to see everyone and think about the counselling tools we use.

I didn’t realise how tricky it would be to narrow down my counselling tools to the top ten. I am not sure these are my top ten, but there are among the tools I find most useful.

You can download the presentation: Network Group Presentation.

To accompany the presentation I have also included some useful worksheets. They are available for download. They are still a work in progress, so improvements are most welcome.

Strength cards have always been my favourite tool to start a session with. They help the client relaxed and they are a great ice breaker! See the Strength Cards Activity Worksheet. 

Using a box full of animals is a fun activity to get young people to talk about their friends and family. I have several worksheet that I use. Here are two of my favourite:

A collection of different types of hearts is great to get clients to talk about their loved ones and close friends. Check out the Hearts Worksheet!

The use of emotions is always great in counselling! I use a variety of tools. Sometimes I use the famous bear cards. I also have a collection of funny faces, face rocks and emotion cards. It is often useful to have cards or pictures to represent emotions – as they are often hard for kids to articulate! I have a few emotions here:  Emotion Cut Outs. I often get kids to cut out and talk about each one. You can have fun with this, even when there are serious emotions involved.

There are heaps of great websites with useful resources and tools. Here are a few that I often use:

You can explore some common thinking errors on the beyond blue website and there are some great downloads for teens. Check it out here!

Another worksheet that might be useful when working with young people explores the Tyranny of the Shoulds! This worksheet is designed to help clients think about their current dysfunctional thinking in terms of what they should be doing and what they should not! Check it out: The Tyranny of the Shoulds.

To add to to top ten – You can check out my Projective Postcards: Projective Postcards

Or if your client needs to let off a scream… check out this fun colouring activity here. The Scream –I feel like Screaming!

Lastly, I have included creating a vision board. This is a great activity for young people to visualise their goals and dreams. The worksheet can be downloaded here: Creating a Vision Board

I hope you have found these tools and resouces useful. I would love to hear from you! If you have something to share – please drop me a line and I will post it on line!

Here is a Power point presentation from Eliza Smith who works at Wesley College. Using solution-focused questioning- Eliza Smith. The name says it all! Eliza is happy for people to make use of this in schools.

Next meeting is Wednesday 24th April @ 11am.

So… keep up the good work! You can make a HUGE difference – one person at a time.

Until next time,