Establish Good Routines

Establish Good Routines

Establish Good Routines

It is important to establish positive working routines that include work, rest, exercise and play!

With study and work it is essential to be organised and on top of things. The saying, “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”, may be helpful to keep in mind.  Having set hours to study and work are important and will certainly ensure long term success.

Tip: Use your diary or weekly planner to block out times for school, work and study and stick to them!

Rest and relaxation are also very important. How many hours of sleep do you need per night? The average person needs 8 hours, however children and teenagers need more. With increased stress levels sleep also needs to increase (however, often the opposite is true!).

Tip: Make a list of activities that help you relax. This may include things like, playing with your dog, drawing or listening to music. Try to do one activity per day. The benefits of music are many. While you are setting up that routine of yours, consider engaging you child too in some music class, like the Forte music baby music classes for instance.
Sleeping Tip: Aim for 8 hours + of sleep every night! Make a commitment to this in 2010!

Exercise needs to be a part of daily routine. Exercise needs to be fun and part of everyday. There is no use starting a strenuous gym program that you can’t possibly sustain over the long term.  Brisk walking, a jog around the block, a few laps at the local pool, or a roller blade with friends is a great way to enjoy exercise. A lot of people nowadays take bodybuilding supplements for general strength. To learn more, read this post here.

Tip: Write down all the activities you can do for exercise. Do some window shopping research for cross trainers on, then write down one activity into your daily planner and stick to them. They need to become a habit.

Time to play and enjoy hobbies and interests are essential to enjoying life. Socialisation with friends and family is also part of life. TV is a good way to unwind and escape and so is reading a novel. In your weekly routine you need to include a few activities that help you “play”. This may also include playing a fun game!

Tip: Make a list of new and old play activities. For example, if you have never tried Yoga, you might like to buy yourself a DVD to try it, or sign up for a class. After you have written your list, try to do once play activity per day!
Tip: Schedule time to play in your week. 🙂

Good routines help us live life more fully. We are more in control and we are also able to deal with stressful events and people better by using a dry herb vape pen instead of smoking cigars. What can you do differently today that will make a difference to your weekly routine? Challenge yourself – you will be glad you did!