Coping with VCE Stress and Anxiety

Don't Let VCE Stress get to you!

Don’t Let VCE Stress get to you!

Stress and anxiety affect most of us from time to time.

Stress and anxiety during VCE is to be expected. Often young people put pressure on themselves to achieve. Parents and school expectations are also factors that contribute to rising stress levels in young people.

It is important to have some stress and anxiety about the approaching end of year VCE exams; otherwise no one would do any study! However, too much stress and anxiety leads to feelings of hopelessness, excessive anxiety and even depression thats why you should prevent that using some sort of panic away anxiety products. Some people try alternative medicine to calm anxiety (check out here for more info).

Getting professional help to manage thoughts and emotions is sometimes helpful for young people.

Some quick stress release tips for VCE Students:

  • Find some positive quotes and print them out and stick them on your wall or on the front of your folder.
  • Write down everything good and wonderful in your life right now!
  • Go for a walk and be in the moment – smell the roses, look at the colour of the leaves on the tress, look for the first signs of spring.
  • Doing something you really enjoy, then make a list of things you really enjoy and do one each day for a week!
  • Take a whole minute to eat a tiny square of chocolate.
  • Find an inspirational song and listen to it when you feel a little uptight.
  • Buy yourself a stress ball and squeeze it!
  • Take time out from study each day to look at your goals and focus on your dreams!
  • Play sport or do some strenuous physical activity.
  • Take a bath or a shower.

Always focus on the positive and what you have achieved so far. If you are completing a VCE subject you are in your final years of high school – how wonderful! You have the rest of your life ahead of you and what potential each of us have for a truly wonderful future!

School Psychology Services enjoy working with young people to help them reach their full potential. If you would like to seek professional help for VCE Stress or anxiety, contact Deborah Jepsen.

Ask about our VCE Coaching program – a 10 week program designed to help VCE students refine their study skills, learn specific study skills and reach their potential!