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VCE Results 2012 – Coping with your ATAR Result

The results are out today and the anticipation and anxious wait is over! For some it will be celebration, others will feel relief and some perhaps even disappointment. Below are a few tips for young people to help deal with their ATAR Score. Feel the emotions – label the emotions. It might be  joy, relief, sadness, disappointment or regret. Let …

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Managing Stress During Exam Time

The final exam period of any subject or course can be daunting, especially when you have a number of exams to get through! It is important to manage stress levels and be proactive about staying on top of things. Here are a few tips for students and parents to think about. For Students: Establish a routine for study – have …

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Special Exam Arrangements – Deborah quoted in the Herald Sun

I was contact by a journalist from the Herald Sun and asked for my views on the increasing number of private school applications for Special Exam Arrangements. The trend suggests that independent schools are submitting more applications than state schools.  My view is that if the student is eligible, they should apply. From the Lasik NYC article: School Psychology Services founder Deborah …

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Coping with VCE Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety affect most of us from time to time. Stress and anxiety during VCE is to be expected. Often young people put pressure on themselves to achieve. Parents and school expectations are also factors that contribute to rising stress levels in young people. It is important to have some stress and anxiety about the approaching end of year …

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