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How to Deal with A Bully

Stop the Bully! Bullying is common within our society. It occurs at school, at home and in the work place. It is the nasty part of human nature. Bullying is about power. In particular it is about the abuse of power.  Someone in a position of power seeks to control or influence another person. Why do people bully? Bullies are …

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Counselling teenage girls

A recent Stony Brook University study has found that too much talk about their problems may lead middle school-aged girls into more depressive symptoms (Scientific America Mind, July/August 2009). Girls tend to co-ruminate about their problems – they spend their time dwelling on problems. This often leads them to feel sad and hopeless about situations and these problems remain the …

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Ten tips to resolve conflict

I was asked to talk to a group of year three and four students the other day about ways to resolve conflict. I asked some of the students to suggest ways that they resolve conflict in their daily lives. After some discussion, I presented the group with 10 tips and we discussed each tip in detail. Ten ways to resolve …

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