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Managing Stress During Exam Time

The final exam period of any subject or course can be daunting, especially when you have a number of exams to get through! It is important to manage stress levels and be proactive about staying on top of things. Here are a few tips for students and parents to think about. For Students: Establish a routine for study – have …

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The Impact of Divorce on Children

According to the Bureau of Statistics and the experts of Washington County divorce attorneys, one third of marriages end in divorce. Parents often wonder what impact their divorce or separation will have on their children. Best family lawyers provide sound legal guidance to those wishing to settle divorce and child custody process without the hassle of undergoing court trials. What …

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Back to School….

Starting the new school year can be a little overwhelming… Where did the holidays go? All those days of late nights and sleeping in…or all day (and night) computer game marathons! Here are a few quick tips taken from the website to help get back into the swing of things. For Parents: Start the year in the same way …

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What is Phonemic Awareness Training?

Phonemic awareness is the understanding that syllables and spoken words are made up of specific speech sounds. It is possible to “tease out”, isolate or “sound out” these sounds, which are known as phonemes, in order to help a child learn to spell or read. It is well know that phonemic awareness is a powerful predictor of success in learning …

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Homework Tips for Parents

Homework is an important part of your child’s daily routine. Good habits, established early in school, help children consolidate what they have learned at school. Here are a few tips for parents to help with homework: Develop a homework routine and schedule Together with your child, establish a specific time and place for homework. Set a specific time allocation each …

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Building the Parent – Child Relationship

It is important to build a positive relationship with our children. Life is busy and we often run from one activity to the next. However, one of my clients recently started having a special time with their daughter – they called it “cup cake time!”  She took her to the local coffee shop and they enjoyed cup cakes together (and …

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School Readiness and Starting School

In Victoria, children must be five years of age or older by the 30th of April in the year they start school. Often parents question why the 30th of April is the cut off date and there is clear explanation why. Children develop at different rates and the decision to begin school often only based on age. How do you …

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Technology Addiction

The pace that society moves in this techno-gadget new world order is amazing! Young people are experts at multitasking – homework, talking with friends and surfing the net while sending a text is common in a young person’s bedroom! People are becoming techno junkies – they are afraid to be away from their computer for too long. The brain processes …

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