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Technology Addiction

The pace that society moves in this techno-gadget new world order is amazing! Young people are experts at multitasking – homework, talking with friends and surfing the net while sending a text is common in a young person’s bedroom! People are becoming techno junkies – they are afraid to be away from their computer for too long. The brain processes …

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MySpace and Social Networking

MySpace and FaceBook are the most well known social networking sites available to young people.  A fourteen year old girl once told me that she spent over 5 hours one night working on her MySpace profile. She was updating her profile and sending messages to her friends. When I asked how much time she spent on home work, she replied, …

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Cyber Safety

Technology can be of immense benefit if you know how to pair informational technology with your business, but unfortunately it can also be used to cause harm to others. For example, it is often much easier to make a hurtful comment via text in an instant message, email or SMS, than to say the same thing in person. Cyber Safety is …

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