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Learning Difficulty Information Session

As part of National Psychology week 2012 we ran a free information session for local parents on helping children with learning difficulties. You can view a video of the slides with the audio narration by clicking the image below (34 mins): Or click here to download the presentation slides (PDF) And click below to listen to the audio narration (34 …

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Child Learning Difficulties – Important Advice And Tips For Parents

Up to 25% of students have a learning difficulty and, unfortunately, these students are often unable to receive the additional support they need in a normal classroom situation. What are some common causes of learning difficulties? Learning difficulties can be related to: Developmental delay – for example, children who learn to speak at a later age may continue to have …

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Back to School….

Starting the new school year can be a little overwhelming… Where did the holidays go? All those days of late nights and sleeping in…or all day (and night) computer game marathons! Here are a few quick tips taken from the website to help get back into the swing of things. For Parents: Start the year in the same way …

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Homework Tips for Parents

Homework is an important part of your child’s daily routine. Good habits, established early in school, help children consolidate what they have learned at school. Here are a few tips for parents to help with homework: Develop a homework routine and schedule Together with your child, establish a specific time and place for homework. Set a specific time allocation each …

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Spelling Strategies

Spelling well helps us communicate efficiently with the outside world. Everyone needs strategies to help spell words correctly. We have compiled a collection of spelling strategies that can assist individuals to spell better. Tips include: Learning a variety of spelling strategies. Making up your own strategies to help with difficult words. Using a glossary for new and unusual words in …

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Why Conduct Psychological Assessment?

Educational Assessment is useful to determine a student’s individual learning ability and profile. I often recommend a WISC ( Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) or WPPSI-III (Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence) and a WIAT ( Wechsler Individual Achievement Test) as these combined tests provide a good overall indication of a student’s cognitive ability and academic achievement levels. The …

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Successful Study

Being successful with study means that you have to be organised! Completing homework and getting all your assignments done is great, but this isn’t study. This post will outline reasons for getting organised, some tips for getting organised and  it will define what studying actually is! It will also gives students some study tips. Reasons for getting organised: You can …

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Concentrating and Getting Organised – Tips for Students

Being organised and concentrating during class time are essential elements for academic success at school and at university. During Class Just hearing what your teachers say is not the same as listening to what they say. Listening is a cognitive act that requires you to pay attention, think and mentally process what you hear. Make an effort to concentrate during …

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Raising Smart Kids

There was a recent article about raising smart kids in Scientific American Mind (Vol 18, No.6). The main idea conveyed was the need to foster a ‘growth’ mind set in learners. Apparently, the key to success at school is not so much intelligence as it is effort. Research suggests that while our society values superior intelligence and ability, an over-emphasis on …

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