Building the Parent – Child Relationship

Cupcake and a chat?

Cupcake and a chat?

It is important to build a positive relationship with our children. Life is busy and we often run from one activity to the next. However, one of my clients recently started having a special time with their daughter – they called it “cup cake time!”  She took her to the local coffee shop and they enjoyed cup cakes together (and of course they talked!).

Cup cakes are popular at the moment with all ages – but the magic is in the one on one time. Sometimes it is hard to connect with young people (especially if they are teenagers), so below are a few conversation starters that may help.

  • If your friends were cupcakes – what type of cakes would they be and why?
  • If your friends were animals- what type of animals would they be and why?
  • What is your favourite type of cupcake?
  • How are the teachers going at your school – are the kids stressing them out?
  • Talk about your child interests and activities.
  • Talk about special times you have shared as a family.

The time spent one on one is important – not what you talk about! Young people need to know that adults care and are there to support them. If parents keep the lines of communication open with young people, they are more likely to come and talk when things get tough.