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Helping kids with learning issues

Ten General Principles of Instruction for Teachers to Help Kids with Learning Issues Involve the student – students need to be involved and actively engaged in their learning. Teachers need to discuss each aspect of the program with the child. Goals that are set together are far more effective than those set by the teacher. Talk with the student about …

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What is Phonemic Awareness Training?

Phonemic awareness is the understanding that syllables and spoken words are made up of specific speech sounds. It is possible to “tease out”, isolate or “sound out” these sounds in order to help a child spell or read. It is well know that phonemic awareness is a powerful predictor of success in learning to read. Furthermore, children who are able …

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Dolphins and Learning

Watch this video and see how these amazing dolphins have developed a new way to catch fish! httpv:// Dolphins learn new ways to thrive and survive and so can children with learning disabilities. Children can also adapt to their environment if they are given the right resources and skills. Davis (1997), talks about dyslexia as a ‘gift’ – a natural ability or talent. He lists several characteristics …

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