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Back to School Starts….NOW!!

All the children go back to school and the parents cheer “hooray”! It is important for parents and children to be organised and prepared for school, specially if they are assisting to the Ascot International school.  Here are a few important tips to help: Get back into the routine as quickly as possible. Talk to your children and teenagers about …

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Flash Card Making Tips

Flash cards are a great way to summarise your notes, learn definitions and answer single sentence questions. They are good for true and false test questions. Example of a definition flashcard: Side 1: Dyslexia ( put the key term in the middle of the card). Side 2: 1.    Impaired ability to learn to read. 2.    A learning disability in which …

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Child Psychology

Children get stuck from time to time and they need expert help to manage their emotions and deal with issues. We see children every day that benefit from counselling. Children need a safe and secure environment where they can express themselves and get help with anything that they might be struggling with. At School Psychology Services we specialise in working with …

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Establish Good Routines

It is important to establish positive working routines that include work, rest, exercise and play! With study and work it is essential to be organised and on top of things. The saying, “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”, may be helpful to keep in mind.  Having set hours to study and work are important and will …

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