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Study Tips – Get it wrong, and then get it right!

New research has shown that getting things wrong actually facilitates learning (Scientific American, 20th October, 2009). Getting things wrong helps with memory and challenges the brain to learn. Students want to get the best mark on their final exams, but they need to challenge themselves to achieve their best. A lot of students make the mistake of writing volumes of …

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Building the Parent – Child Relationship

It is important to build a positive relationship with our children. Life is busy and we often run from one activity to the next. However, one of my clients recently started having a special time with their daughter – they called it “cup cake time!”  She took her to the local coffee shop and they enjoyed cup cakes together (and …

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VCE Study Skills Program

To be successful in VCE it is not only important to work hard but also to know how to study. It helps to be organised and motivated. Clear and well defined goals are essential. And you have to know how to study! Many students write out their notes and try to memorise them, but they are often distracted by the …

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How to Deal with A Bully

Stop the Bully! Bullying is common within our society. It occurs at school, at home and in the work place. It is the nasty part of human nature. Bullying is about power. In particular it is about the abuse of power.  Someone in a position of power seeks to control or influence another person. Why do people bully? Bullies are …

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