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Career Counselling and Career Choice – What direction is best?

Making a choice about career is a hard one- but if we can understand ourselves better, it makes the decision a lot easier. We will probably all change our career direction a few times in our lives; well that is what the statistics say! I started out with doing a Science Degree – not dreaming about ever becoming a Psychologist! …

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Coping with VCE Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety affect most of us from time to time. Stress and anxiety during VCE is to be expected. Often young people put pressure on themselves to achieve. Parents and school expectations are also factors that contribute to rising stress levels in young people. It is important to have some stress and anxiety about the approaching end of year …

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Counselling teenage girls

A recent Stony Brook University study has found that too much talk about their problems may lead middle school-aged girls into more depressive symptoms (Scientific America Mind, July/August 2009). Girls tend to co-ruminate about their problems – they spend their time dwelling on problems. This often leads them to feel sad and hopeless about situations and these problems remain the …

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