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Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT)

I am often asked about the WIAT (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test). The WIAT is an individually administered test that takes from 30 to 90mintes to administer. An achievement test measure how an individual is going in certain areas of academic school work. The WIAT gives a good overall summary of functioning in the following areas: reading, maths, written language and …

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Benefits of Psychological Testing @ Year 10

Year 10 in Victoria is often seen as a transitional year for students. Many students are given the opportunity to sample a VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) subject. This prepares them for what lies ahead in Year 11 and 12. Many schools also implement specialised programs at Year 10 to help students with subject selection and study skills. Work experience …

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Counselling Ideas: Angry Octopus – Book

One of the books that I enjoy using with young clients (ages 3 – 8 years) is called Angry Octopus by Lori Lite.  It is a nice little relaxation story for children. When reading through the story, I ask the client to do the exercises as we read it. Sometimes the young person asks about how the octopus actually breathes …

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Child Testing – IQ and Intelligence Testing

Intelligence testing of very young children can sometimes be problematic because young people develop so rapidly. However, there are many benefits for psychological assessment and often the more information and the early the information is gathered, the more tailored the intervention programs can be. Assessment is a way of gaining some understanding of a child in order to make informed …

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Spelling Strategies

Spelling well helps us communicate efficiently with the outside world. Everyone needs strategies to help spell words correctly. We have compiled a collection of spelling strategies that can assist individuals to spell better. Tips include: Learning a variety of spelling strategies. Making up your own strategies to help with difficult words. Using a glossary for new and unusual words in …

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Counselling (Counseling) Worksheets for Professionals!

We have just launched a new product for professionals – Counselling Worksheets! This is an exciting new resource that will help professionals manage sessions with ease and confidence! They are an excellent resource for the counsellor starting out, or those who have been in the profession for years! This resource includes a set of 100 practical counseling worksheets suitable for …

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