School Readiness Assessment

Starting school is a big step

In Victoria, your child must turn five before the 30th of April in the year they start school.

Research suggests that most children should not start school early, even if they are smarter than average. This is because they may not be ready to cope with the social and emotional demands of school.

But if your child is smart AND mature enough to start school early, should you really hold them back?

The Department of Education in Victoria has clear guidelines about early entry into school.

Furthermore, current Australian research suggests that after your child begins school they should not repeat a year (McGrath, 2006).

All of this makes the decision to begin school a very important one to get right!

Here are three reasons to consider a school readiness assessment:

  1. Discover your child’s learning potential
  2. Get expert advice on their readiness for school
  3. Make an informed decision about starting school

School Readiness Assessment Includes:

  1. Review of your child’s cognitive, social, family and emotional history
  2. Standardised cognitive (intelligence) test
  3. Standardised Developmental Assessment
  4. School Readiness Checklist
  5. Detailed assessment report
  6. Tailored learning recommendations for school and home
  7. A comprehensive feedback session to answer all your questions
  8. A letter to the Department of Education to support early school entry – if your child is eligible

School readiness assessment takes into account your child’s:

  • cognitive development
  • play skills and emotional development
  • social development
  • language and communication skills
  • self-care skills
  • gross and fine motor skills

Appointments Required

1. Initial consultation for you (30 mins)
The first step is to meet with an Educational Psychologist to review your child’s history and background information. (This session is for parents only so we can discuss all the issues openly and in full.)

2. Assessment session #1 for your child (90 mins)

3. Assessment session #2 for your child (90 mins)

3. Feedback session for parents (50 mins)

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