Assessment Overview

Would you like to gain insight into your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and understand their unique learning profile?

Assessment will objectively measure your child’s abilities and can provide direction for targeted learning programs at school and home.

Plus, you get a detailed list of learning and behavioural recommendations specifically for your child.

You can immediately apply this information to boost your child’s learning effectiveness.

Assessment is particularly helpful for:

We specialise in assessing students at both ends of the academic spectrum – from those who may struggle academically, or who may have a learning disability, to those who may be intellectually gifted.

Why conduct assessment?

Assessment can help answer common questions such as:

  • Is my child gifted?
  • Does my child have a learning problem or disability?
  • What are my child’s academic strengths and weaknesses?
  • What interventions can help my child learn and function better?
  • Does my child have dyslexia?
  • How can I help my child reach their full potential?

Assessment is also used to:

  • Understand and screen for learning disabilities (such as dyslexia)
  • Detect giftedness and superior intellectual ability
  • Apply for special consideration and special exam arrangements for VCE
  • Detect and apply for funding for intellectual disabilities
  • Gain an overall profile of learning preferences and help plan for individual learning programs
  • Apply for early entry to kindergarten
  • Determine school readiness and apply for early entry into school
  • Better understand individual learning profiles
  • Identify underlying reasons for boredom or behavioural problems in the classroom or at home
  • Gain admission to special educational programs (support or extension and acceleration programs)

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