Educational Assessment

Discover your child’s unique learning profile and boost their learning effectiveness – at home and at school

Is your child truly fulfilling their learning potential?

Are they hitting ‘roadblocks’ in certain areas? Or perhaps they are just coasting along?

Would you like to find out the reasons why they learn the way they do AND what you can do about it?

Here are three reasons why you might like to consider an educational assessment:

  1. Reveal your child’s individual learning abilities and preferences
  2. Get specific recommendations for home and school to improve your child’s learning
  3. Make informed decisions about your child’s learning needs

What does Educational Assessment include?

You will receive the following:

  • An initial review of your child’s cognitive, social, family and emotional history
  • A standardised cognitive (intelligence) test
  • A standardised academic (achievement) test
  • Other relevant assessment tools (e.g. working memory)
  • A detailed assessment report
  • Tailored learning recommendations for school and home – based on your child’s learning profile
  • A comprehensive feedback session to answer all your questions

The combined results from these tests provide insights that cannot be obtained by using any single test.

Cognitive testing reveals strengths and weaknesses in key skills such as:

  • Processing speed
  • Auditory processing
  • Verbal learning issues
  • Non-verbal learning issues

Academic testing reveals abilities in core academic areas such as:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Oral language

Appointments Required

1. Initial consultation for you (30 mins)
The first step is to meet with an Educational Psychologist to discuss your needs and review your child’s history. We will also recommend the most relevant and useful assessment options for your child’s particular needs and answer your questions. (This session is for parents only so we can discuss all the issues openly and in full.)

2. Assessment session #1 for your child (90 mins)

3. Assessment session #2 for your child (90 mins)

4. Feedback session for parents (50 mins)

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