Frequently Asked Questions about Assessment

What should I tell my child?

For younger children:
“We are going to visit [name of psychologist] who is a psychologist. She sees lots of children your age and really enjoys helping them with their learning. You are going to do a variety of activities. Some activities will involve blocks or putting puzzles together, and [name of psychologist] will also ask you questions about lots of different things. It will be fun and there is nothing to worry about.”

For older children:
“You are going to see [name of psychologist], who is an educational psychologist. She helps students better understand their individual learning profile. You will be completing some standard psychological tests that are designed to assess your strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas. The process will involve blocks, colorful patterns, some memory recall of digits and some verbal questions. It is important that you do your best and try to answer all the questions presented to you. It will be fun and there is nothing to worry about.”

What is included in the assessment report?

Your child’s profile will be mapped on a graph in relation to standardised results for children of the same age. The report will contain background information, results, discussion of the results and detailed recommendations – including teaching strategies and individual learning strategy recommendations.

Medicare rebates

Please note that Medicare rebates are not available for psychological assessment. However, you may be able to claim a rebate for a “long consultation” from your private health insurance provider. Please check this directly with your provider.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, due to the number and length of appointments which must be allocated a deposit is required to secure an assessment booking. This can be paid when you attend your initial consultation or by phone.

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