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Is Your Child Reaching Their Full Potential?

Dear Parent,

Deborah Jepsen – Director, School Psychology Services

Does your child or teenager need help with any educational or personal challenges?

We can help with many different issues, including:

  • Emotional issues – anxiety, depression, anger management, difficult behaviour, divorce, relaxation and stress management
  • Thinking skills – critical thinking, problem solving and creative solutions
  • Study skills – techniques and strategies to improve learning and study effectiveness
  • Learning difficulties – dyslexia and other learning problems, applying for special needs funding or special consideration
  • Intellectual issues – assessment of giftedness or intellectual disability
  • Social issues, such as friendship problems, bullying and relationship difficulties
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders – targeted counselling programs to help children and parents
  • …and more!

Our experienced Child Psychologists specialise in Educational and Developmental Psychology and provide expert counselling, coaching and assessment services – tailored to your needs.

We specialise in working with children from pre-school age through to year 12, and their parents.

Our practice is located in a lovely modern office opposite the beach in Port Melbourne and our rooms have a soothing beach and ocean theme. You will immediately feel more relaxed and at ease when you step inside our peaceful environment.

The Bay Street shopping precinct is just around the corner so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the shops and a coffee while your child is in session, or go for a walk along the beach.

Why see our qualified child psychologists?

Here are three good reasons:

  1. You’ll receive professional psychological services, delivered ethically and based on scientific research evidence and clinical experience
  2. Your child will learn vital skills to help them overcome challenges and reach their true potential – at school and in life
  3. The right psychological interventions, when applied EARLY enough, can make a dramatic difference to your child’s wellbeing and learning ability

Here’s how we can help…

We offer three broad types of service:

  1. Psycho-educational Assessment
  2. Practical, Solution-Focused Counselling
  3. Educational Coaching

The insights gained from assessment are often used to inform and direct counselling or coaching sessions. This allows us to target your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

Psycho-educational Assessment

Assessment objectively measures your child’s cognitive abilities, revealing underlying strengths and weaknesses and providing a direction for targeted individual learning programs and strategies for school and home.

With each Educational Assessment you’ll receive a detailed list of learning and behavioural recommendations specifically tailored for your child.

You can immediately apply this information to boost learning effectiveness and improve social outcomes at school and at home.

Assessment is also helpful for:

Child and Adolescent Counselling

Counselling helps your child to discuss, explore and manage important personal, social and educational issues, such as:

If you are referred for counselling by your doctor you can claim a Medicare rebate at each counselling session (up to 10 per calendar year).

Learn more about counselling


Your first step is to book an initial 30 minute consultation with an Educational & Developmental Psychologist.

We’ll discuss your needs, carefully review your child’s history and help you choose the best treatment options (such as assessment, counselling or coaching) for your child.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to helping you and your child achieve your goals.

Deborah Jepsen
Principal Psychologist

PS: Remember that early intervention is vital to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child.

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Nine reasons to book an appointment with us today:

1 Child/Teen Specialists. We specialise in working with children – from pre-schoolers through to teenagers.

2 Education Experts. We help you navigate the school system to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child.

3 Qualified & Experienced. Get expert help from an experienced psychologist with a master or doctorate degree.

4 Private & Confidential. A fully private service means you will get confidential, impartial and independent help.

5 Lovely Office & Location. You will love our peaceful, modern and attractive rooms and our central location!

6 Vital Skills Training. We teach your child how to overcome challenges and achieve their best – at school and in life.

7 Consistent Care. You will receive ongoing, dedicated care and follow-up from the same psychologist.

8 We Talk to Schools. We can help your child’s teachers implement learning and behaviour strategies that will benefit your child.

9 Instant Rebates! You can instantly claim your Medicare or private health fund rebate via our electronic claims system.